How to send SMS messages to multiple phone numbers from Excel

October 29, 20235 min read

Send personalized SMS messages to multiple phone numbers for less than $0.002 per SMS message. You can also configure every SMS message in your Excel spreadsheet so they are unique for each recipient phone number.


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
  • An Android phone.

Step 1: Get your API Key

Create an account on and copy your API key from the settings page

Step 2: Install the httpSMS android app

⬇️ Download and install the httpSMS android app on your phone and sign in using your API KEY which you copied above. This app listens for SMS messages received on your android phone.

Step 3: Edit your Excel file

Download the httpSMS Excel file template and edit it with your favorite spreadsheet software e.g Excel, Google Sheets, Open Office etc. Fill in the phone number which you registered in httpSMS in the FromPhoneNumber column and fill in the number of the recipient of the SMS in the ToPhoneNumber column. Also add the SMS which you want to send in the message in the Content column.

Step 3: Send the SMS Messages

Visit the Bulk Messages page on httpSMS and upload your Excel file and send the your SMS messages.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you face any issues sending bulk SMS messages from your Excel files by following this tutorial.

Until the next time✌️

Acho Arnold